PT. Jannisika Sumber Jaya

12 Jan 2013

PT. Jannisika Sumber Jaya, is one of leadings trading company that located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are specialized in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Feed raw materials. Our Experience for over than 10 years has provided us with lot of networks from around the world and has gained trust from many companies as our loyal customers.

Together with our profesional team, PT. Jannisika Sumber Jaya has become a most dynamic and reliable trading company in Indonesia, because of it's good reputation on satisfying customers expectations on guaranteed supply, high quality, competitive price and excellent service.

We will always do the best to continue satisfying our customers, and we will always value our customers and supplier as they take big part in the success of PT. Jannisika Sumber Jaya